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Anonymous asked:
Sherlock probably did wank at the thought of John's legs spread after their stag do.

And John probably wanked to the thought of the blow job that never was. 


everyone wants to shag john, it’s a true fact

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Anonymous asked:
Po premierze HLV Moffat chwalił się w wywiadach jak to oszukali widzów, że nikt się nie spodziewał że Mary mogła coś ukrywać, choć wyraźnie pokazali wskazówki! Haha, jakiż to on przebiegły. Tyle że tumblr rozpracował te wszystkie wskazówki w godzinę po emisji TEH i TSoT... I boję się, że gdy johnlock stanie się kanonem, Moffat zrobi to samo. Będzie cieszył się ze swojego sprytu i tego jak to dzięki przebiegłym kłamstwom i wyśmiewaniu się z fanów nikt nie wpadł na pomysł że johnlock to endgame.

A niech się cieszy :D Ale nie wydaje mi się, o johnlocku jest głośno i mofftiss wiedzą jak bardzo jest popularny, wątpie, żeby mówili że “nikt na to nie wpadł”. Ale nawet jak tak będą mówić, to my i tak będziemy wiedzieć lepiej ;) Mam nadzieję, że ten wywiad z mofftissem o którym mówiła lsit, jak już johnlock będzie kanonem, dojdzie do skutku. Wtedy już w ogóle nie będą mieli podstaw, żeby tak twierdzić.

(Z resztą widać, że z serii na serię zmieniają trochę retorykę, teraz już nie widzę tyle krytyki fanów jak kiedyś. Po serii czwartej już na pewno będą mówić inaczej. Oprócz tego jeszcze jedno - pomiędzy TSOT i HLV był tylko tydzień, pewnie fakt, że tumblr rozpracował Mary nie zdążył do nich dojść… ;)


john and greg are in a bar, the phone rings. greg answers and then hands the phone to john saying, “it’s your boyfriend”. john takes the phone and makes a face. “he’s not my boyfriend,” he says and then puts the phone to his ear. “hi babe”.

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I can totally understand Mycroft wanting to shag john when he looks like that tho I mean who wouldn't


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every blog i see about tjlc being harmful is either a mary apologist or a sh****lly shipper. sometimes both. I scroll and read, i've asked for their point of view, whatever, they say tjlc is bad but keeping mary and john together and hook up sherlock with molly is fine. Yeah. Mary who shot Sherlock and Molly who slapped Sherlock when he needed support. Right.

lol this is so true, it makes me laugh every time they use the argument ‘you hate mary because she stands in the way of your ship’ when they are exactly the same. At least have the decency to say ‘I don’t like tjlc because I ship sherl*lly / like Mary” instead of inventing more and more ridiculous reasons how wanting a queer pairing on TV is ‘harmful’ to queer people and queer representation. 

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Oh my fuck I cannot believe "The porn industry doesn’t purport to be a progressive, welcoming place. Fandom does." This is the same person who then goes on to call someone little girl (that's better than gay baby HOW??), and uses the phrase "actual adult queer person" to invalidate?? How utterly welcoming and progressive that is. Especially to you know, lqbtqiap+ youth who make up a large portion of said fandom holy shit this is the most hypocritical circle of bullshit I've ever encountered

lol, 100% right, anon. i love how she ‘apologized’ and then still made passive-aggressive posts about ‘children’ in the fandom. way to go, ‘actual adult’, way to go.

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Anonymous asked:
I decided to share this with you since you made the gifset comparing ASIP to the Celluloid Closet. (i don't have the time/resources to make my own post, so feel free to steal it) I was watching The Children's Hour yesterday (also featured in that documentary) and I noticed a lot of parallels with TRF. I don't know if you've seen the film, but it's one of the first to deal with homosexuality and the plot also involves a false rumor, a suicide, and a graveyard scene that's shot similar to TRF.

oooh i have to watch that movie now, thanks

Anonymous asked:
When you switch HLV for a female Sherlock, it's suddenly "clear" to people why he actually shoot Magnussen and why John "can't think of anything to say": because maybe he knows Sherlock did it for him and can't face it

It becomes even clearer if we swap John for an actual “damsel in distress”. 

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when will jadzia marry me

asfkjagskfg maybe SPRING WEDDING?

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