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The food as a metaphor for sex on Sherlock is like : in s1 we never see Sherlock eat but John is always eat and looking at Sherlock while he does (control your thirst John), in s2 we see Sherlock eat in one episode, it’s ASIB just when he’s questioning his sexuality and his feelings for John and in s3 we see him eat in all three episodes, this is all really gay

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We can trust Mary.

She saved my life.

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Why it’s not a “bromance”



So many of Sherlock’s actors and creators have spoken out about Johnlock and fan interpretation, and they all say something to this effect: “Of course John and Sherlock love each other, but that doesn’t mean they’re in love with each other.”

And I’d like to take this opportunity to unequivocally call bullshit.

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what if you could meet your celebrity crush but the cost was them knowing everything you’ve ever said about them in your tumblr tags


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"a woman ‘saved’ by a a man’s love? she was so so so bad, but she want’s to be good now and she loves john so much it’s her redeeming quality." this can apply to sherlock as well bc he tries so hard to be a sociopath, but he cares so damn much about john, so much he killed a man to basically ENSURE john's married life doesn't fall apart. everyone knows john's friendship is sherlock's saving grace during social encounters--his loving john makes him better. we don't get that with mary though.

instead, mary’s absolutely selfish and EASILY killed her husband’s best friend, the same best friend that caused john so much grief for two years. she was so ready to try to kill him again so long as she could protect herself and her secret. she basically would gladly make john suffer again so long as she’s the one who is safe and happy? like? how can people COMPARE mary and sherlock, and try to defend her as not any better than him (or john). like. no. stop.

THIS. i know that the ‘saved by love’ storyline is also applicable for sherlock. but well.. the show is called sherlock and we’ve been with him from the start of his friendship with john, when BOTH of them were sucidal, and john came and saved him. but he never lied about who he is. the whole point of asip is john being ‘hooked’ despite all the fair warnings that he gets. despite the fact that donovan told him Sherlock is a psychopath, despite being abducted by Mycroft, and, what’s important, despite SHERLOCK himself telling him over and over that he is NOT a good person. ‘i’m a high functioning sociopath do your research, don’t make people into heroes john, heroes don’t exist and if they did i wouldn’t be one of them’ and so on… he never lies about who he is.. that’s why this line in hlv ‘you did see that. and you married me’ makes me so mad. HOW could have john known that? 

although in all honestly, we are at the point in the narrative, where even if they do love each other, i personally wouldn’t feel too comfortable if they got together, because there is just so much more growth that they need to do, so much issues to resolve before they even attempt a relationship. meanwhile, with john and mary we have ‘your future is my privilege and i don’t care about how you killed people for money in your past’. how is that NOT a recipe for a disastrous relationship, i don’t even know…

She didn't even fucking apologize, she is not at ALL sorry for shooting him. She's snappy and resentful because John hasn't spoken to her in months because she doesn't think she did anything wrong. Like she is an extremely interesting character and I'm really excited to see what they do with her in s4, but they could've chosen to make her sympathetic in any number of ways and they DIDN'T. BECAUSE SHE'S A VILLAIN.

and she NEVER SAYS she loves him. god it would have been so fucking easy, she could have said ‘it would break him and i would lose him forever, and sherlock I LOVE HIM TOO MUCH to see that happen’. BUT NO. the only time we hear that Mary loves John is when SHERLOCK says it during his speech. and they made a HUGE point during the whole series about how sherlock is wrong about almost EVERYTHING. he’s wrong about mary, he’s wrong about magnussesn TWICE, he couldn’t solve the maylfly man case at first and so on. i don’t understand where do people get this RIDICULOUS notion that she loves him, because they made a point of NOT SHOWING it to us… it’s amazing

It makes me sad how a lot of the Mary apologetics is people attempting VERY POORLY to not be sexist towards female characters, when it's actually accomplishing the opposite imo. Like since when do I have to excuse some REALLY FUCKED UP AND ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR just because the character is a woman? Isn't it just as misogynistic to coddle a villainous female character that way?

it seriously BOGGLES me, i can’t even wrap my head around this… the same people are always saying shit about sherlock AND john in the same paragraphs and i just??? i know that sherlock did shitty things, but he never killed anyone before hlv, and he did it not for himself but for fucking john AND MARY so that they could have their stupid happily ever after. and john? i don’t even want to start with this one… and besides,.. isn’t it a stupid misoginistic idea, a woman ‘saved’ by a a man’s love? she was so so so bad, but she want’s to be good now and she loves john so much it’s her redeeming quality. because it always boils down to the argument that ‘she loved john’ so she didn’t want to hurt him with exposing lies?? (i’m fucking laughing even as i’m typing this)  this is such bullshit i don’t even have words for this… how is that even an argument? 

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'mary's past is similar to john's past'

So in “Redbeard,” as it’s formed on the soundtrack album, you actually hear in the distance the Watson chords on brass as Sherlock is ascending the staircase because it’s really John… it’s the connection with John that’s giving him the motivation to recover from that situation, so that’s one of the first times really that I can remember, I’m sure I’ll be wrong, where we’ve actively been using the Watson’s chords in a different orchestration.
Micheal Price, composer of BBC’s Sherlock in his interview with Mary Jo Watts (mid0nz)