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Jadzia, girl, 27. Polish. emotionally invested in tjlc; trying to write a phd in linguistics but failing miserably so far


imagelike sorry but have you seen this?? how in the world is sherlock not gay

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i love jadzia, she enables my angst boner, bless

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you know that scene in teh when john is lying in bed with mary thinking about sherlock, like, do you ever wonder if he was thinking ‘don’t let him in again, john, don’t do it, he’ll do it to you again john, he can’t love you, you know he can’t, don’t let him back in’ and he could hear sally’s voice from their first case together ‘he’s just a lunatic, and he’ll always let you down and you’re wasting your time’ but he STILL couldn’t resist him and convinced himself for a mINUTE that he could be some kind of happy and then sherlock leaves again and it’s just ah, yes … i was right after all


even aliens have better representation in media than bisexual people

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i was waiting for ONE student for an hour today and she never came and didn’t even mail me to cancel she can say farewell to actually passing my class lol bye


Okay, let’s break this down for a second.

A) MARK, YOUR FACE. <3 <3 <3

B) There are basically two interpretations of that scene that you don’t have to go through strenuous mental gymnastics and death-defying leaps of logic to come up with, right? One is that Dr. Watson actually fainted, and the other is that Holmes planted a passionate, brandy-flavored kiss on Watson’s lips and he fell into a suitably late-Victorian swoon, right?

So here we have Mark mentioning the fainting and throwing in a “that’s what we’re told," like "oh, you know, that’s the official explanation,” and then Steven offering up an alternative explanation with enough detail to hilariously reveal an intense degree of familiarity with that one scene in particular while Mark makes Frank Underwood-style eye contact with the camera as if to say “Oh my god, is he really doing this right now,” followed by Mark holding up his hand to interrupt Steven and being all “Tsk, tsk, don’t spoil that, you spoiler of spoilers, you.”

But, y’know, obviously neither this lifelong Holmes fanboy with an interest in queer representation and his BFF, another lifelong Holmes fanboy with a master’s degree in English literature and a history of writing married same-gender couples who bear extremely strong resemblances to Holmes and Watson, is even aware of the queer subtext in ACD, much less interested in it, much less shipping it like FedEx. Obviously.

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when someone’s flaws are not flaws in your eyes, you’re fucked.
mine.  (via clatite)
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'and then what?'

'who knows'


'of course you're leaving me AGAIN, of course'

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